Lesson 1 – Indonesian Alphabets

Learning Indonesian alphabets helps us spell the letters and of course pronounce the words. Moreover, there are a lot of abbreviations in bahasa Indonesia. Although the Indonesian alphabets are the same as the standard alphabets, some letters are spelt differently. 


However, some speakers of other languages find it hard to pronounce words containing certain letters.

  • c  is pronounced /tj/ like in cherry. examples: baca, cerita
  • g is always pronounced like the ‘g’ in guava, gorilla. examples: gigi, geraham
  • h at the end of the word must be pronounced clearly as well. examples: sudah, murah
  • j is pronounced like in jump. examples: jam, raja
  • r is pronounced clearly. try these: semur, telur (tip: roll the front part of your tongue to the upper part of your hard palate)
  • ng is sometimes hard to pronounce, especially when it is as the initial letter, like in ngomong, ngobrol, ngopi. (tip: press the back of the tongue against the soft palate, expel the breath with vibration of the vocal cords, amd turn the sound into the nasal cavities) 


Aa: anak, aneh (child, weird)

Bb: buku, baru (book, new)

Cc: cari, cinta (search, love)

Dd: dari, desa (from, village)

Ee: es krim, enak (ice cream, delicious)

Ff: film, fantasi (film, fantasy)

Gg: guru, gila (teacher, crazy)

Hh: hari, hujan (day, rain)

Ii: ikut, ibu (to follow, mother)

Jj: jalan, jauh (to walk, far)

Kk: kita, keren (we, cool)

Ll: lupa, lagi (to forget, again)

Mm: makan, mangga (to eat, mango)

Nn: nasi, nanas (rice, pineapple)

Oo: omongan, orang (talks, people)

Pp: panen, pisang (to harvest, banana)

Qq: Qatar

Rr: rumah, rusak (house, damaged)

Ss: saya, senang (I, happy)

Tt: tanam, terong (to plant, eggplant)

Uu: untuk, umum (for, public)

Vv: vas, vanila (vase, vanilla)

Ww: wilayah (area) 

Xx: xilofon 

Yy: yoga, ya (yoga, yes)

Zz: zona, zumba (zone, zumba)

We are currently developing this website, so it is far from perfect. Our goal is to assist you in learning Bahasa Indonesia in structured lessons, offering one lesson per day. If you have any questions or wish to have 1-on-1 lessons, please contact us at magnabasa@gmail.com or on Instagram @hestiwidyas.

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