Lesson 2 – Numbers in Bahasa Indonesia

In this section, we will learn about numbers. To convey information about time, price, size, etc., understanding numbers in Bahasa Indonesia is crucial. Once we are familiar with numbers 0-9, the rest becomes easier.

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To express “75” (seventy-five), say “tujuh puluh lima.” For “2024” (two thousand twenty-four), use “dua ribu dua puluh empat.” “1.250.000” (one million two hundred fifty thousand) is correctly stated as “sejuta dua ratus lima puluh ribu.” They are simple, aren’t they?

Now, try saying the following numbers in Bahasa Indonesia:

  • 17 Agustus 1945
  • 42.100 km
  • 06:30
  • 89 kg
  • Rp9.430.000

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