Lesson 7 – Indonesian Grammar Concepts #2

Continuing the Indonesian grammar concepts from the previous post, let’s explore Indonesian sentence structures.

  1. Positive sentences

a) Verbal sentences

Indonesian and English sentence structures are quite similar. A simple sentence typically comprises a subject and a verb.

Study the two sentences below:

English: I study Indonesian language with Hesti. 

Indonesian: Saya belajar bahasa Indonesia dengan Hesti.

Comparing the two sentences, the structures are the same, aren’t they?

b) Non-verbal sentences

– A sentence with an adjective:

  • Mr. Joko is friendly. (Pak Joko ramah.)
  • Klepon and fried banana are very delicious. (Klepon dan pisang goreng sangat enak.)
  • Indonesian language is easy. (Bahasa Indonesia mudah.)

We omit the translation of auxiliary verbs (is, am, are) when adjectives describe the subject(s).

– A sentence with a noun:

  • Bali is a beautiful island. (Bali adalah sebuah pulau indah.)
  • Hesti and Candra are our friends in Indonesia. (Hesti dan Candra adalah teman kami di Indonesia.)

We use “adalah” when the object is a noun to define the subject. In informal conversations, “adalah” may be omitted, e.g., “Bali pulau indah,” “Hesti dan Candra teman kami di Indonesia.”

2. Negative Sentences

To create a negative sentence, introduce “bukan” for negating a noun and “tidak” for negating a verb, adjective, or prepositional phrase.

a) “bukan”

  • I am not a doctor. (Saya bukan dokter.)
  • That is not my coffee. (Itu bukan kopi saya.)

b) “tidak”

  • Tina does not eat meat. (Tina tidak makan daging.)
  • The hotel room is not expensive. (Kamar hotelnya tidak mahal.)
  • She is not in Jakarta. (Dia tidak di Jakarta.)

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