Lesson 8 – Lesson Review #1

Let’s take a break from absorbing much information in lessons 1 to 7. We need a practice to make sure whether we have known some basic vocabulary and grammar concepts in bahasa Indonesia.

Now, take this quiz.

Translate the sentences into Indonesian.

  • I have a new book.
  • She is a teacher.
  • Anna gave her three bananas yesterday.
  • They eat mangoes.
  • He left our house.
  • Ahmad wants to work in Yogyakarta.
  • In 2023, I went to Jakarta?
  • They said, “We love Indonesia”.
  • What is your language?
  • Where do you come from ?

Congratulations. If you can translate the sentences, it means you have understood materials in lessons 1-7.

Keep up the good work.

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