An Overview of Indonesian Lessons with Magnabasa

Before we go further, Indonesian lessons with Magnabasa is divided into 3 levels; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

  1. Beginner Level

Referring to CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), the beginner level is divided into A1 and A2 levels. The focus at the A1 level is on building a practical foundation for communication in common, everyday situations. At the A2 level, learners build on the foundation established at A1 and expand their language skills.

The beginner level in Magnabasa covers A1 and A2 levels and aims to equip learners with oral and written skills to survive in Indonesia. The topics covered in this level are:

  • Introductions (Lessons 9-15)
  • Family (Lessons 15-23)
  • Everyday Activities (Lessons 24-30)
  • Directions and Locations (Lessons 31-37)
  • Travel with Online Taxis (Lessons 38-45)
  • Ordering foods at a Local Restaurants (Lessons 46-53)
  • Shopping at a Traditional Market (Lessons 54-61)
  • Renting a House (Lessons 62-70)
  • Leisure Activities (Lessons 71-75)
  • Health and Lifestyle (Lessons 76-80)
  • Review #1
  • Review #2
  • Bonus lesson: At a Laundromart
  • Bonus lesson: Renting a Motorbike

The beginner level can be accomplished in 90 lessons or approximately 3 months. Magnabasa will open a Q&A session with a video conference platform (details to be informed soon). We also offer private and group tutoring for those who need to practice speaking or discuss topics with our tutor(s).

At the end of the beginner level lessons, learners can communicate and engage in more diverse and practical conversations, enhancing their ability to communicate in various situations.

2. Intermediate Level

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