Lesson 10 – Noun Phrases with Possessive Adjectives

Noun Phrases with Possessive Adjectives

To say “my name” in bahasa Indonesia, it is not “saya nama”. We say “nama saya” because we must mention the noun first then followed by an adjective, in this case a possessive adjective. (Go back to lesson xx to study about noun phrases in bahasa Indonesia. That’s why we say “hobi saya” for “my hobby” and “makanan favorit saya” for “my favorite food”.

Then, how do we say “your name”?

Possessive adjectives in bahasa Indonesia:

  • my name: nama saya, nama aku
  • your name: nama kamu, nama Anda, nama kalian
  • our names: nama kami, nama kita
  • their names: nama mereka
  • his/her name: nama dia
  • its name: namanya

NOTES: Study again Lesson 3 if you want to get more information about the differences between kamu, Anda, kalian, kami, and kita.

Sometimes, we shorten possessive adjectives “aku”, “kamu”, dan “dia” into “-ku”, “-mu”, “-nya” (attached directly to the noun).

Try to say the noun phrases in bahasa Indonesia.

  • our coffee
  • their teacher
  • his language
  • your food
  • its color

Is the explanation clear enough?

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