Lesson 18 – Tips to Introduce Ourselves in a More Natural Way in Indonesian

We hope that the explanation on now to introduce yourself helps you. If you want to practice introducing yourself in a casual way, you can try these tips.

  • Instead of saying “apa kabar?” you can say “gimana kabarnya?”, “sibuk apa?”, “sehat?” in a less formal conversation.
  • We don’t really say “nice to meet you” (senang bertemu denganmu). Sometimes, we just say, “salam kenal” when meeting for the first time.
  • If you want to introduce yourself casually, here’s an example: “Hai, kenalin, aku Jaka Suhendra. Panggil saja Jaka. Aku tinggal di kota Solo dan bekerja sebagai arsitek. Silakan, kalau mau bangun rumah, bisa hubungi aku.”
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