Lesson 25 – How to Address People in Bahasa Indonesia

In Indonesia, it is impolite to call someone directly by their name, especially if they are older. Instead, you can use specific titles:

  1. Bapak or Pak: Used for addressing married or older men, like Bapak David in formal situations.
  2. Ibu or Bu: Used for addressing women, such as Ibu Megawati.
  3. Mas: For addressing older or unfamiliar men, like Mas Jati. Different regions may have variations like “Bli” in Bali, “Abang” in Jakarta, or “Aa” in West Java.
  4. Mbak: Used for addressing unmarried or older women, with regional variations like “Mbok” in Bali, “Teteh” in West Java, or “Eneng, Neng” in Jakarta.
  5. Adik or Dik: Used for addressing younger individuals, both boys and girls.

In a shop or restaurant, if you don’t know the cashier’s name, you can use “Pak,” “Bu,” “Mbak,” or “Mas.” For instance: “Ada mi instan, Mas?” “Berapa harga mi instannya, Mbak?”

So, how would you address a taxi driver taking you go around the city?

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