Lesson 27 – Verbs to Tell about Daily Activities

In this section, we will learn vocabulary related to daily activities:

  1. to wake : bangun
  2. to shower: mandi
  3. to eat: makan
  4. to have breakfast: sarapan, makan pagi
  5. to have lunch: makan siang
  6. to have dinner: makan malam
  7. to drink: minum
  8. to work : bekerja
  9. to study: belajar
  10. to exercise: berolahraga
  11. to go: pergi
  12. to go home: pulang
  13. to cook: memasak
  14. to clean: membersihkan, bersih-bersih
  15. to listen: mendengarkan
  16. to watch: menonton
  17. to relax: bersantai
  18. to sleep: tidur
  19. to play: bermain
  20. to drive: mengemudi

What are your everyday routines?

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