Lesson 28 – Telling the Time in Indonesian

Jam berapa sekarang? What time is it now?
“Jam berapa…? is a question to ask the time. We can also say “Pukul berapa …?” in a more formal situation.

For example:

  • Jam berapa sekarang? (What time is it now?)
    Sekarang jam delapan lebih dua puluh lima. (Now, it is twehnty five past eight.)
  • Jam berapa kamu pergi ke sekolah? (What time do you go to school?)
    Saya pergi pada jam tujuh lebih seperempat. (I go to school at a quarter to seven.)

Vocabulary to know:

  • past: lebih
  • to: kurang
  • a half: setengah
  • a quarter: seperempat
  • jam: hour
  • menit: minute
  • second: detik

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