Lesson 33 – What You Need to Know about Indonesians’ Daily Activities

These are things that Indonesians like to do every day:

  1. People get up early in the morning. The majority of Indonesians are Muslims. They wake up before sunrise to perform a morning prayer. So, it is normal for us to start the day early in the morning.
  2. Indonesians eat rice for breakfast. Foreigners might think that having rice for breakfast is too heavy. Yes, we have nasi kuning, nasi uduk, nasi goreng, or plain rice with some side dishes for breakfast.
  3. Indonesians take a bath two times or even more in a day; in the morning and in the evening. As a country located on the equator, the weather is hot and humid. It is uncomfortable if people do not do it.
  4. Because the public transportation system in Indonesia is not too good, people use private vehicles like cars or motorcycles to move. This causes traffic jams in some areas, especially in big cities. If you do not have any cars or motorbikes in Indonesia, online taxis are everywhere. Let us hope that the government solves this problem soon.

If we find any interesting things about Indonesians’ daily life, we will update this post. Can you tell us what routines are special in your country? Write down in the comment box. Thank you for reading.

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