Lesson 35 – Vocabulary about Tastes of Foods

In this section, we will learn some vocabulary to describe tastes of foods.

To ask how the food tastes, we can say:

  • Bagaimana rasa makanan itu? (How does the food taste?)
  • Bagaimana rasa rendangnya? (How does the rendang taste?)
  • Bagaimana rasanya? (How does it taste?)

To answer, we can say: Rasanya enak. (The taste is delicious.)

Below are some words that we can use to describe tastes of foods:

  • manis: sweet
  • asam: sour
  • asin: salty
  • pahit: bitter
  • pedas: spicy
  • gurih: savory
  • tawar: plain
  • segar: fresh
  • berminyak: greasy
  • matang: cooked, ripe
  • mentah: uncooked, raw
  • enak: delicious, yummy


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